Behind the camera


My BIO is supposed to be something inspiring


and amazing so here it is. I am an award


winning photographer that captures life. I think


a photo is either a tiny slice of time or a photo


can be a long period of time all condensed into one


frame like the opposite of a video.

Born and raised in Texas, my childhood was spent in Seymour Texas. My grandfather was a landscape

painter and taught me to paint and draw which


became a life long obsession.

My wife encouraged me to start RazzleDazzleArt


years ago to promote my art and photography. I took

years of classes learning to paint landscapes and


used the airbrush later in a quest for realism but


nothing does it for me like photography. Thanks to my


beautiful wife and supporters of my photography, I now


can do what I love to do which is photography full time.


My favorite quote?

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

Need photographs taken by a person that will make


them all amazing and different? Call me.

Ricky Niell


903   474   7262